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This will really scare you. While I hadn't really thought that the Klingons had something Comparable to the Lance, the Bortas Disruptor Autocannon is pretty serious, check it out.
Though I haven't tried it myself, I've been told that the Autocannon is pretty decent. I also think that it would would work perfectly as a "platform" for the Klingon version of the Kumari wing Cannons. Just as the Kumari has the Wing Cannons and the Console Super-Shot-Chargers, the Bortas could easily have a "Big gun" weapon and the current Autocannon as the modifying console.
I have seen the autocannon in use. I think they used its base-properties for the Veteran ship's DTS lotus attacks.

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For those that don't want to use the Lance, would there be the option to remove it altogether and just have the three nacelle look?
The weaponized Lance would be no different from the Kumari's Wing Cannons, which can be used and removed to the player's liking just like any other weapon.

As for the Lance ability, that's a different subject and topic, though I see it either

A, staying as a separate built-in ability (thus no change).

B, becoming a synergized console like the ones available to the Kumari to modify it's Wing Cannons shots.

or C, Becoming an ability granted from a 2-set bonus from equipping the Lance Weapon and the Cloak.

Personally, I'd prefer A, because it simplifies things.

Unless you mean the Lance being removed from the model itself, which I can't see happening if it stays an in-built ability, and because the Kumari's giant cannons stick around whether or not the Wing Cannons themselves are equipped.
The weaponized lance would be no different so long as just an item is created with no other modifications.

As for what it should be, (A) integrated or a (B) console?

Strip the power, put it in a console, toss the fleet ship out of the game, give people who bought the base-model with 5 modules the c-store ship as an unlock, refund people who bought the fleet-model with 1 module their module back, upgrade the base model with +1 console and boosted shields (screw the hull bonus), and then?

THEN the real fun begins. But in the meantime lets focus on the gun.
Proposals for using in-game features to improve: (1) the "Phaser Lance" (and other underrepresented/missing "big guns"); && (2) separation systems on all ships that have them; && (3) training boffs in captain only powers by using boffs as pack-mules; OR to add functionality like: (4) "Away Teams Of Space Ships";