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03-13-2014, 07:24 PM
Originally Posted by caasicam View Post
That is a good idea, the Wing Cannons are already modified by Cannon: Rapid Fire and Scatter Volley anyway.

What if the Lance weapon was modified by Fire At Will and Rapid Fire? Beam: Overloaded would be a bit redundant on the Lance (as it would for all intents and purposes, replace the Phaser Spinal Lance in-built ability), and possibly overpowered considering Dual Beam Banks can be pretty bad with that, and Scatter Volley is a cannon power that would make Fire At Will redundant.

With Fire At Will, the Lance could simply AoE auto-target like other beam weapons, though only firing one beam at once instead of two. With Rapid Fire, it could increase the Lance's RoF/DPS while applying the Damage Per Hit debuff that normal cannons get while using that ability.
Overload wouldn't be redundant because overload can be used once every 15-30 seconds, so it's a completely different beast from the lance's clicky power, especially with that craptastic cool time. And a lance overload would probably have a far better chance to hit the target >>

Fire at will would not be redundant because the point was for a dread pilot to be able to equip all beams and the lance and use beam powers like faw and or overload, or they could equip all cannons with the lance and the lance would be affected by cannon powers like rapid fire or scatter volley.

So basically I wanted the lance beam cannon to be affected by both so that it doesn't matter which skills we go for with our limited boff seating, the lance will be enhanced by them.