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03-14-2014, 07:23 AM
btw i found out that going back to older oo will solve the problems, so everything is fine for now, i hope your newer calcs will not get unsupported by oo3.4 since they are written with newer msexels while still not not working with oo4+, that would be bad then.
maybe its a problem with oo4 in the end. i cannot imagine what may break exactly 2 parts of a calc, and leaves everything else totally fine.

and i just wanted to express my disappointment if i loose this calc right half a year after i found it. it saved me a lot of money (eg zen for unecessary respeccs). it wasnt directed to you in person, i expressed my dissapointment, though knowing your way for decisions, cause, its still dissapointing for me ;-)

but for now everything is fince cause going down to oo3.4 solved the problem.