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03-14-2014, 08:48 AM
just a thought for those who get a monthly stipend.. Make a note of the Due date it is to arrive, how much Zen you have in your account, and what things you purchase from C-Store or if you trade it for dil in the dil exchange, and jot this down on wordpad. Each month you get your stipend, jot it down.
Like so :

500 Zen Stipend due on the 23rd Of each month. (Give or take a few days to be sure)

Stipend received Date Received Amount in Account Spent

500 Zen 21st February 2014 2450 Zen 550 Zen on Counseler Troi Uniform 1900 Zen
500 Zen 27th March 2014 2400 Zen 1000 Zen On 400k dil, 550 Zen on Next gen uniform 850 Zen

and so on and so on Save it your desktop or whereever.
I always thought i was missing zen at times until i started taking notes just like this down. There is no log in the C-store unfortunately so we gotta make one ourselves. And i tell you, it saves A LOT of headaches