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Need, perhaps not. But how is it not recommended to get bonus damage from a free buff with no CD? The only reason not to be aiming is if you need to move, like if mortars are targetting you or you need to get over to where the action is. I really don't understand why people take issue with this.

You don't need, no, but they don't hurt, and it's a cheap way for a new player to get a decent gun. Remember, we're talking to new players, not grizzled veterans who can run ESTFs in Mk X green gear.

Again, maybe not need, but handy to have. Dyson set gear is easy to earn because of the big mark and dil payouts, and will give new players a leg up. This is the Academy forum, so I make my recommendations toward newbies. New players don't have skill yet, so they depend more on their gear. I would not tell somebody who just dinged 50 on their first character to leap into ESTFs with junk story and exchange gear, they would be a liability. I did that on my last alt and was fine, but I know how to build and fly a ship after two years of experience and a lot of research.

Dyson uses commendation tokens for the daily Rep XP project, which does not require an Expertise input. You can level the entire Dyson rep without spending a single EXP or EC if you don't run the hourly project. The devs have stated that the Dyson system, if successful, would be retrofitted onto the other reps. That would constitute a "fix" for the EXP drain the rep projects currently cause new characters.

As far as earning expertise, you can do that by playing just about anything which involves combat and/or gives a mission clear reward. Or Doffing. The pitfall is when you're logging in, filling New Romulus rep projects, tagging epohhs, then just screwing around or logging off. As long as you remember to actually go play the game somewhere, you'll be fine. That's all I'm saying there. Don't just tag epohhs, go do something else too. That's how I ran my Romulan alt down to 0 Expertise, which sucked, and we don't have the old Mirror event to farm it up anymore.
Aim mode is slow, its very range limited (you cant see what is behind you or in your side away) and the difference in damage is not noticeable 99% of the times. At least for me, i am a tactical and i kill a voth in 3 shots. Using aim mode, i kill em in 3 shots.

Yes im talking about new players. If you are new to the dyson battlezone, you dont need to be worry about carrying an anti voth weapon, if you already have a decent XII (even XI).

Agree that dyson is as well a really easy reputation. Actually i am doing it without even waste time in the battlezone... only time to time to gather some voth implants and thats all. I am already in tier 4 and i visited the battlezone only a few times.. Maybe the easiest one, but again nukara is faster.

And yes, that was my point about the expertise, if you do some space / ground combat not only in dyson sphere, you will be gathering experience without even noticing it. Thats the whole point, but if you stuck on the battlezone all the time, you will not gather enough exp. Happens everywhere.