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I hope people realize the KDF has the Guramba destroyer which sports a disruptor lance weapon.
The Javelin attached to Siege Mode is mechanically and fictionally disparate from the weapon portrayed in the series on the "Future Enterprise."

And given how any beam weapon is a lance within the context of the term lance, while only the Guramba has a spinal-weapon within context of the term spinal weapon, I must ask: What is your point?

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Overload wouldn't be redundant because overload can be used once every 15-30 seconds, so it's a completely different beast from the lance's clicky power, especially with that craptastic cool time. And a lance overload would probably have a far better chance to hit the target >>

Fire at will would not be redundant because the point was for a dread pilot to be able to equip all beams and the lance and use beam powers like faw and or overload, or they could equip all cannons with the lance and the lance would be affected by cannon powers like rapid fire or scatter volley.

So basically I wanted the lance beam cannon to be affected by both so that it doesn't matter which skills we go for with our limited boff seating, the lance will be enhanced by them.
And I agree with you, I'm just trying to find a comprimize between having both cannon and beam powers, with how Cryptic seems allow weapons that are affected by both cannon and beam powers operate. As you mentioned, the Experimental Proton weapon is affected by one of each, and then more with set bonuses.

What if this were the case for the weaponized Lance, and it got more abilities when equipping the Cloak as well?
They could easily let the "weaponized beam" use beam and cannon powers and use mode-restriction logic as other ships have to limit what powers can be used when (you want BFAW/CSV? Saucer mode! You want BO/CRF? No Saucer mode!). It certainly would not undermine their enabling saucer separation on the ship.

There is no real need for synergy restrictions on an of these elements otherwise but arguably it would make sense for the pew-pew toggle to have one attached to the hypothetical weapon item.

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I highly doubt the bortas will get a *real* weapon to represent the disruptor auto cannon, that could be seen as giving the bortas a little something extra over the ody (the fed side counterpart) and people would be all kinds of fussed by that... so yeah...
I really can't say that I disagree, just based on Cryptic's track record.

"Klinks getting new toy for their flagship and Feds don't? Lolwhatsorceryisthis."
If anything is a counterpart of anything else contextually the Galaxy-X Dreadnought is the counterpart of the Bortas.

The only real connection the Odyssey has with the Bortas is that they were both ridiculous gimmicks sold to see how much money people will dump into P2W if Star Trek is behind it.

Anything else is, at best, semantic.

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From the STO WIKI:

These consoles (below) can increase damage of a players Phaser Lance.

- Assimilated Module +0.92% Critical Chance. +9.2% Critical Severity.
- Tachyokinetic Converter +0.76% Critical Chance. +7.6% Critical Severity.
- Zero-Point Energy Conduit +1.8% Critical Chance.
- Phaser Relay Phaser damage.
- Directed Energy Distribution Manifold Beam Weapon damage.
- Nukara Particle Converter +10% Beam Accuracy

Yes. Though I'm not sure I understand what you're saying with this...
They're trying to say they can read the STO Wiki.
Proposals for using in-game features to improve: (1) the "Phaser Lance" (and other underrepresented/missing "big guns"); && (2) separation systems on all ships that have them; && (3) training boffs in captain only powers by using boffs as pack-mules; OR to add functionality like: (4) "Away Teams Of Space Ships";

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