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Originally Posted by xmoonbeamer View Post

Many greetings to all,

I have done some far bit of battles and missions and now need your help and advice?

I have got now this:

Omega Marks = 555

Romlulan Marks = 60

Dyson Sphere Rewards = 493

Dyson Commendations = 3

Fleet Marks = 506

Mutidimensional Transporter Device = 1

Borg Neurel Processors = 2

Voth Cybernetic Implants = 9

Anniversary Qmendations = 172

What Need to know from you good people is how to get all of these if any, changed into Dilithium Ore or Zen Coins?

As many of them state they can be taken to aome where I don't know of and traded in for ore or zen?

Please can anyone tell me simple how to do so for each of these I got listed here step by step please?

Thanks in advance.
Omega, Romulan and Dyson Marks can be converted into ore at a rate of 50 marks -> 500 ore. The "upgrade" projects for this are in the Reputation tab. Alternately, if you haven't done any reputation at all, you may be better served to run Reputation XP. Each of the "big" reputation projects (the ones that grant 1k XP) give 340 ore on completion, for a smaller amount of marks.

Dyson Commendations can only be used to run Dyson Reputation XP projects until you hit Tier 5 in Dyson reputation. The project is named "Thwart Voth Efforts" in the Dyson section of the Reputation tab. As mentioned above, each of these grants 340 ore on completion.

Voth Cybernetic Implants and Borg Neural Processors can be turned into ore through an "upgrade" project in the Dyson and Omega reputation system. The conversion rate is 3 VCI or 5 BNP to 1000 ore.

Qmendations can't become ore.

Transponders are used for the event project. You need 14 of them to get any reward. If you do get 14, though, you can turn them in for 50000 (not a typo) ore among other things.

Fleet marks can't be converted to ore directly. You can use them in Fleet projects to earn Fleet Credits, which can be redeemed for various stuff, though.