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Originally Posted by xmoonbeamer View Post
You said the cybernetic borg & voth implants etc. need to traded in for ore at a system
I don't see on the map?

Where is it and how do I get to it and when there how do I change them for ore?

Also the other trae in marks for ore where do I go to get them changed and how to do
I change them into ore when there?
Hit 'u' to bring up your status window. Of the various tabs you can go to, there should be one called 'Reputation'.

When we say "Reputation system", we mean in terms of a "game functionality system", not a "location in the game". In other words, like the "Ship Loadout System" rather than the "Qo'Nos System".

In the Reputation tab of your status window there will be various areas for each of the Reputation types - Omega, Dyson, etc. It usually will have Dyson up as the default, since that's the first on the list.

You can do all the conversions from within this area of your status window, you don't have to go anywhere in game. This is often why you'll see people pause before warping out at the end of a Borg task force or stand still between rounds in Battlezone - they've got the window open and are converting their rewards as soon as they've earned them.