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03-14-2014, 06:30 PM
I understand that the majority of players are tac and there are not many complaints regarding team skill cd removal, but there are sci players and we have suffered a lot from this change. Sub Nuke Beam, main sci debuff, has been nullified.

And it is after eptx debuff cleaner Warp Core Engineer which made it possible to make sci immune builds.
If there is such a doff against my career, I would like to have a doff which would make me immune to all tac.

eptx buff discussion, really? The whole class in game has suffered and dying and no word about it.

Elachi weapons buff is complete mess. There are those which claim that it is ok and that change simply made those weapons useful. Sure, it is a coincidence that since this patch every premade uses elachi weapons and their prices skyrocketed. Not to mention that in ground pvp those are being used more as well.

Space pvp was pretty good before last two patches, Warp Core Engineer cleaner was main headache.
Yes, there are many problems but those didn't turn this game into total pain at least. I was thinking that I might have a bad luck at the beginning, but every game I join now is a crap.
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