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# 1 How do I ...Dilithium Mining?
03-14-2014, 07:46 PM
Here's my problem & my source of major confusion. In game it says that I should be able to learn how to & actually be able to mine dilithium starting at lvl 10. But you need an EV suit in order to mine. The problem with that is, acording to the Ferengi vendor, you have to already have dilithium in order to buy the suit. Then I get told by other players in game that I can get an EV suit for free by doing certain missions, however those missions aren't available until you reach lvl 44.
Hence my confusion; why say that dilithium mining is available at lvl 10 when in reality it's not even close to being available until lvl 44???!!!! ....... Or is there something i'm missing??