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Originally Posted by antoniosalieri View Post
Yes its hard to argue that the average pugs are more liable to clear many science skills now... I would hardly say science is neutered though... and yes there have been plenty of changes that have been anti ENGI and even a few believe it or not that where anti tac.
Science is most certainly neutered in 1v1 at the moment. There is nothing a Science officer can do to take incoming Romulan Tactical officer damage. Science Vessels can't even do significant damage to their targets in order to kill them. All of it is absorbed from two piece borg and passive heal procs. They can't even reliably detect cloak without setting their whole build around it due to the massive stealth bonus on Romulan bridge officers. Science officers are at the mercy of their target's ability to clear them with ease.
  • Offensive Science abilities color coded based on their usefulness. Red is useless, Orange is somewhat useless, yellow is partially useful, green is useful, and blue is very useful.
    • Tachyon Beam/Charged Particle Burst - Limited range, shield strip cut in half by minimal investment in Starship Power Insulators. Cleared via Science Team and passive shield regeneration.
    • Tykens Rift - Limited range and minimal damage, power drain cut in half by minimal investment in Starship Power Insulators. Cleared with Hazard Emitter. Easily avoided with Emergency Power to Engines, Evasive Maneuvers, Attack Pattern Omega, or Auxiliary to Inertial Dampeners.
    • Gravity Well - Limited range and minimal damage, pull is completely negated via six ranks in Starship Inertial Dampers. The ability is only useful for clearing spam. Auxiliary to Inertial Dampeners, Attack Pattern Omega, and Emergency Power to Engines provide effective immunity.
    • Scramble Sensors - Effective ability in PvP, but useless in PvE. Duration cut in half with six ranks in Starship Sensors. Cleared by Science Team and the Cleanse All Debuffs WCE.
    • Jam Sensors - Useless against teams using multiple copies of fire at will. The only viable use is reflex response to placate out Alpha strikes. Cleared by Science Team and the Cleanse All Debuffs WCE.
    • Viral Matrix - Low duration and skill points provide little in the way to extend the duration of the effects. Shields are immune to disable via this proc and any Emergency Power to X ability will bring the relevant subsystem back online. On top of that, there is also a chance the Cleanse All Debuffs Warp Core Engineer will remove it completely. Also cleared by Engineering Team. Subsystem Repair effectively cuts the short duration of the duty officer effects in half. Useful for knocking Romulans out of cloak.
    • Photonic Shockwave - Tiny area of effect and damage is completely absorbed due to 75% shield damage resistance against kinetic. Even with maximum investment, the disable effect is cut to less than a second against targets with six ranks in inertial dampers. Additionally, Attack Pattern Omega and Auxiliary to Inertial Dampeners provide 100% immunity to the effects of the ability. What is that split second good for? Oh right, using the ability to Alpha strike Science Vessels.
    • Energy Siphon - Useful for a self power buff only. The power drain is cut in half by minimal investment in Starship Power Insulators. Additionally, the ability is cleansed by Science Team, Hazard Emitters, and the Cleanse Alll Debuffs WCE.
    • Feedback Pulse - Very useful against Federation and Klingon Tactical officers using Energy Weapons. Useless against Romulan Tactical officers, as their sheer number of Critical hits will kill before the pulses make it back to the Romulan ship. Countered via Torpedo based weapons or simply ceasing fire on the Science Vessel. Also puts the Science Vessel at a major risk due to a 15 second shared cooldown with Transfer Shield Strength.
    • Tractor Beam Repulsors - A Science Vessel's only viable offensive ability at the moment. Unfortunately, this ability is completely negated with Polarize Hull. Even the damage from repulsors is blocked via Polarize Hull. An ensign level ability with no investment and the same cooldown length as TBR can provide 100% immunity to a commander level ability that requires a massive investment to deal respectable damage. Additionally, Attack Pattern Omega and Auxiliary to Inertial Dampeners provide immunity to the pull and a large resistance buff to the damage. Emergency Power to Engines makes it possible to stay out of the range of the effects all the time.
    • Tractor Beam - Useful for one thing, Alpha striking Science Vessels. Attack Pattern Omega, Auxiliary to Inertial Dampeners, Emergency Power to Engines, Evasive Maneuvers, Polarize Hull, or simply having high engine power will all counter the ability. Effects are cut in half via Starship Inertial Dampeners.
    • Subnukeleonic Beam - Very effective at buff stripping and putting abilities on extended cooldown. Easily countered via Science Team, Auxiliary to Battery, and the Cleanse All Debuffs WCE.
    • Sensors Scan - Area of effect damage resistance debuff. Cleared by Science Team and the Cleanse All Debuffs WCE. The fact that it is AoE makes the ability much more viable.

In summary, Science Vessels are useless against anything running Attack Pattern Omega, Auxiliary to Battery or Inertial Dampeners, and Emergency Power to Shields + Engines with the Cleanse All Debuffs Warp Core Engineer. If they want to provide a surefire way to keep themselves 100% immune to Science effects, then it is just a matter of popping on Science Team, bam, no more Science debuffs...ever. Science Vessel abilities have cooldowns 2-4 times longer than any Tactical or Engineering ability. It is impossible to chain Science abilities 100% of the time the same way it is possible to chain EPTX, Attack Patterns, CRF, CSV, BO, FAW, TS, HY, Aux2ID, and Aux2Bat.

Originally Posted by antoniosalieri View Post
Science ships are about to get always click sensor ann and they can even use it on friendlies to boost healing... not to mention second deflectors should be in game soon.
It won't make much of a difference considering it will break the second a target breaks 10km. The big warning animation dropped on the target will be a dead giveaway. It doesn't even detoggle after a target dies and it has a five second toggle cooldown.

Secondary deflectors aren't going to do anything to help Science Vessels. +7.6 to three stats and a minor shield heal isn't going to have any distinguishable effect on combat. They won't even come close to the effects cruiser commands have on cruisers and battle cruisers. It is just as bad as Subsystem Targeting. Good in theory, but useless at the moment due to insane power level overcap.
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