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Originally Posted by antoniosalieri View Post
Well to be honest subnuke is unchanged... so the average pug is more likely to clear your nuke so what. Shame on them for being able to load a sci team themselves instead of a resist a premade player could load because his teammates auto clear him.

Sub nuke was never about the silly debuff in premades... pugs just got more premade like in being able to clear it more reliably. The main thing with nuke is and always has been the strip. There is NOTHING anyone can do about the strip. The silly debuff was cleared by any half way unsuck premade since S 1.0.

Yes its hard to argue that the average pugs are more liable to clear many science skills now... I would hardly say science is neutered though... and yes there have been plenty of changes that have been anti ENGI and even a few believe it or not that where anti tac.

Science ships are about to get always click sensor ann and they can even use it on friendlies to boost healing... not to mention second deflectors should be in game soon.

I have a hard time shedding tears for Sci. Sci still decide most matches... if you subtract the stupid nature of FAW which has more to do with people not playing right now then a few extra sci teams.
Really? Last i heard some doffs could cool it down