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# 1 Thermal and overheating issues!
01-21-2010, 12:28 PM
Thermal issues:
Here is the break down with thermal (overheating) related issues. First off like most of the new generation games, Star Trek online is using a higher amount of CPU, memory, and GPU power to play. What this means is since a larger percentage of your hardware is utilized so there is an increase the amount of heat is going to be generated from your system. CPUs and GPUs are designed by default to be capable of running at 100% for longer periods of time, and this is something software and hardware developers test for. So a system running at 100% is completely acceptable, and should not cause issues.

So with this information in mind here are the most common causes for over heating systems.

Dirty case:
You computer can accumulate a large amount of dust from prolonged use. Cleaning your case with compressed air cans (That are designed for cleaning computers; DO NOT USE A COMPRESSOR) on a regular basis can help keep your system healthy. Refrain from using any type of cloth, paper towel, or fluids to clean you system. Make sure you use antistatic devices any time when you open your case to reduce the risk of damaging your hardware.

Insufficient Cooling:

In many instances the fans that are provided with your computer are the bare minimum for cooling. This is especially true if you have added new hardware to your system (I.E. Aftermarket graphics cards, additional hard drives, additional memory), and most of the time the default cooling cannot make up for the increase in heat. These issues can be resolved by adding more fans, larger fans, or different types of cooling systems to your case. If modifying your cooling systems is not an option there are cases available on the retail market that can provide additional or different cooling options.

Over clocking your system:
Over clocking is a method that is used by many advanced computer users to attempt to access more of the systems performance power by pushing the components beyond the factory limits. When you over clock a system there is a dramatic increase in system heat as your components are working harder than intended. If this increase in heat is not accounted for when you over clock system this can lead to hardware failure or abnormal functionality. We do not support over clocking as it can produce unseen issues and failures. If you are experiencing issues with Star Trek online and your system is over clocked please reset your system to the factory defaults. With the system at the factory defaults try to reproduce the issue, and it no longer appears then over clocking may have been the culprit.

If none of these factors apply to your situation please feel free to contact our tech support department.