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# 623 Slackers indeed
03-15-2014, 03:31 AM
Originally Posted by grraver View Post
I slack with honour!
Well that is part of the point of being a Uey... We know how to be laid back and be semi arrogant that folks should be seeking us more than we are seeking them.... then again, we are interested in the quality slackers, you know the ones...

Seldom wearing pants

think burping is a compliment to the host

pretend to not care how they are doing in game but secretly do serial mining runs to upgrade their equipment

Occaisionally act like a team that knows what they are doing, sometimes happens about the same time simians type out a shakespearian masterpiece

Actually we are better than that but don't always feel compelled to convince any of the uninitiated of the truth.

LOVE MANKIND Hahahahahahaha
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