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03-15-2014, 09:28 AM
Originally Posted by carlosbfly View Post
I've got some new BOFF characters with Romulan Operative and wondered - if I add them to my ship on several empty BOFF slots but do not assign them to a station, will I still get their bonus abilities (such as the 1.5% crit bonus) applied to my character?

Basically, do they need to be assigned to Tactical/Security to use their Rom Operative bonuses or is just being assigned to my ship as BOFF's sufficient?

on the ship you have bridge stations.... at lvl 50 ships get 4-5 depending on the ship.

this is where the boffs go to activate space traits like operative.

if you can use their "powers" in space that Boff trait is active.

if it's not assigned to a ship's station it's NOT active.