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03-15-2014, 11:24 AM
Originally Posted by i8472 View Post
on the ship you have bridge stations.... at lvl 50 ships get 4-5 depending on the ship.

this is where the boffs go to activate space traits like operative.

if you can use their "powers" in space that Boff trait is active.

if it's not assigned to a ship's station it's NOT active.
Ah thank you. That is such a shame. I've built a crew of characters who are all custom designed, complete with bios, etc and I know I sound soppy but I really don't want to swap them out for a bunch of faceless Romulans I can't even customise. Kind of breaks the immersion turning my crew practically all Romulan for a power creep bonus.

If I could have them as BOFF's but not assigned to a station for the perk, it would be a different matter.