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# 1 Merror Invasion (A Tutorial)
03-15-2014, 02:30 PM
Since it came out on thursday, I see so many people doing the elite version of mirror invasion. Unfortunately most of the groups I join up with through the qeuee's don't have a clue how to do it. They all race in to just destroy ships thinking it's like the old event. In light of this and taking notes with the few sucessfull groups I have been with let me share with you some tips, advice, and how I have found to be the easiest way to complete this mission with little to no mark loss.

First thing is first, see what your group makeup is! Science ships should be closing rifts, Not Crusers!! If there is no science vessles in your group then figure who should be closing rifts. There should always be two dedicated to closing rifts. Cloakers are preferable for this. Before the start the droup should split into 3 teams. 2 of 2 and 1 of 1.

Phase 1:

The group of two moves along the starbase from bottom to top closing rifts on either side. while the group of one moves to each satalite and activates it.

Each time the starbase gets another level of advancement more rifts will appear bearing heavier ships. Portal closers you should focus on closing the portal while your teammate has the agro then move to help your mate. focus your fire and remember cross healing helps.

Level 1: Simple easy group spwans, once and awhile you'll get an escort and meranda spawn.

Level 2: More rifts open, many more ships come through at athe start of this phase, expect cruesrs and science ships to be common at rifts now.

Level 3: BADASS ROUND, Typhoon rifts start opening here. Close these fast before the starbase gets overwhelmed by typhoons.

Level 4:nothing new or spectacular, more rifts spawn.

Level 5:Finally those pesky satalites are out of the way, kill off the remaing rifts and ships if theres not a blob of them.

If you manage to close all the rifts and kill all the ships (Yes that is possible), Congradulations you get a little breather time before the final rift phase. Split up across the map and close those portals.

Phase 2

The Dreadnaught... Several rifts open up around the starbase that must be closed before attacking the dreadnought. This is the simpliest phase I have ever seen for a final boss. snare it with gravity wells, burn it with plasma. Just let loose. At the end of it all as long as your starbase had maximum health remaining and all systems online before phase 2 congradulations you are 75 marks richer.

Side note: Too often in the past 3 days I have seen people in doing the elite qeuee event when clearly they dont belong there. Think of this not like a pve qeuee think of it like an stf. if you dont belong in an elite stf or entity or dyson event you probibly shouldnt be qeueeing for this either. Let me share what I mean...

Today while doing the event on elite, my team kept dieing over and one hit the satalites and it didnt look like we got any rifts really closed. everyone was too focused on Pew Pew to do the mission. now me, I died once, I always activated a satilite and closed a number of rifts by myself in a defiant escort.

This mission is not rocket science, its straight forward and simple if you take the time to analyze it. This is meant to help people doing the event improve in the future, not a rant. Here's hoping it helps. Ideal setup for this mission is 2 Science ships, 2 crusers, and 1 escort. or 5 warbirds

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