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Good summary.

The problem I've seen is that either people think they can solo their way through it or they just don't care about doing anything but shooting ships.

It's actually not a difficult event. Two people are required to close a rift - one to draw aggro and one to close it. You close the rift before destroying the ships and move on to the next one (unless you have a ton of DPS which you often do not in a PUG). Two groups of two + a solo activating power is all that's needed. Sometimes you don't even need someone doing power: if the team has enough DPS they can effectively close rifts and activate power. Other times your team will have the most success with four moving quickly from rift to rift while a fifth activates power, but that can be risky because they may concentrate on just the immediate area when new rifts pop nearby and that lets the other rifts on the opposite side of the map grow and spawn typhoons.

Sadly, I've seen extreme fail even in normal. Nobody wants to close rifts, everyone splits up and does their own thing, I'm almost always the only one activating power, the station is disabled two or three times and it's a total fail. Seriously, in normal.

What's most important is to have one person activate power while the other four work together to close rifts.

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