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03-15-2014, 06:27 PM
Some kind of team split seems to be the most common strategy if one is employed. Either as OP describes, or two one side and three the other, or 2/2 and the fifth person guarding center. What I've observed running Elite with PESTF groups today is that with a decent team you don't even need a strategy. One player with a decent amount of DPS and AoE attacks can clear the area around a portal and close it themselves. When necessary, you jump in to help each other out as you fly around and see them in trouble. I've had near-perfect runs on Elite like this several times, usually we lose a mark or two from damage to the base on the Dreadnaught phase.

Speaking of which, I don't think the OP mentioned a critical detail of that phase. You HAVE to focus on getting the rifts closed before DPSing the Dreadnaught. It will not die if you don't close the portals, it'll just zombie at 0% HP. Considering that ignoring it causes damage to the base though, it seems 1-2 people (preferably running GW or tractors) need to engage the Dreadnaught and try to hold it away from the base while the rest get the rifts closed.