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01-21-2010, 12:35 PM
Originally Posted by ThulsaBoom
I have been getting disconnected from the server every 4-5 minutes and at times the main page for STO times out. I have been running trace routs for an hour now and every time my single goes from 27ms to 200+ if it doesn't time out all together once it hits the 6 Savvis IP points in New York and Boston.

How about someone from Cryptic hop on the horn and kick them in the ass to fix it.

Playing from Portland, Oregon. My trace route goes from 7ms leaving Portland, hits 25ms in San Fransisco, hits 27ms in Chicago and once it hits NY/Boston it dies.
Ironically I live the exact same place as you, and I have the exact same problem. The odd part is I didn't have this problem pre-patch, I wonder if the two things are related? Who knows..