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03-16-2014, 08:25 AM
Originally Posted by mewmaster101 View Post
Trying to find the Paratrinic Shield Array for a budget build ship when i realized it was not in any of the mission rewards? is it missing or am i just blind?
I see allot of the responces are not getting what your asking. while they are correct it still was not the answer. yes on playthroughs they took it out for some reason. just like the shiled cap scince console on replays and the Harpeng torp doff mission. never a mention or release note as to why that I have seen they are just gone.

and for the torp its really pain. only way for a Klingon to get it now is to craft one but then its bound to the crafter. so I cant make one for any of my other toons or fleet mates

so basically if you want that shield at a higher mk lvl skip that mission at the lower lvl and then play it when your at lvl 40 or 45 ish