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01-21-2010, 01:47 PM
In case it helps someone: Its very difficult to get reasonable temperatures on my crossfired 5870s with them right next to each other, I have seen the same problem with older ATI and Nvidia boards. Watercooling of course solves this problem. (ordered some anyway to enable more overclocking but its taking ages) In the meantime I have simply seperated them into opposite slots. If you have a tri SLI or Quad SLI / Crossfire motherboard make sure the primary card is in the slot it has to be. Then if your board permits seat the other card a little further away and not so it obstructs the fan of the other.. I have a heavily modded case with improved airflow but even so with one 5870 blocking the fan of the other it was never going to be happy as there was no way for the air to flow to the cards fan or hardly between the boards at all. Now the fans are nice and quite and idle along at much lower rpm well even under significant loading. They never seem to go over 35ish now and I keep them on auto. Temps are always under 61 on the primary card and far less on the second. STO doesnt seem to use crossfire anyway so the second card is largely irrelevant for now.

It seems obvious but alot of people dont realise that you can simply get a longer SLI or Crossfire cable and seat one card further away if your board permits it. The benefits too cooling are pretty huge. The difference between your fans howling away and being irritating as hell (maybe even risking heat dmg to your boards) and a quiet cooler PC.

Sorry if it seems obvious but I have seen so many people sticking them next to each other even though they dont need too I thought I would mention it. If you do this on an EVGA X58 board for example you get 1/2 mm between the 2 cards and totally obsure one of the fans. No wonder they get hot!.