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03-16-2014, 05:23 PM
Originally Posted by yakoov5 View Post
Has anyone else had issues with changing the look of the Exploration Cruisers after the revamp? Ever since they did, the only skins I have available to custimize it with are the Galaxy and Venture class. The Noble, Celestial, and Envoy classes are missing for me.
The Noble class is an option for the Assault Cruiser.

The Celestial and Envoy class skins are only available for the tier 4 (Captain rank) Exploration Cruiser and c-store Refit. It has always been that way. The tier 5 Exploration Cruiser Retrofit has never had them.

I'm guessing it's because the tier 4 versions can't use saucer separation and they haven't worked the Envoy and Celestial skins to work with it for the tier 5 ship. It would be nice if they could make those skins available for the tier 5 Galaxy, and the Dreadnaught, though the Dreadnaught would probably need some artwork for the third nacelle, on top of making it work with saucer separation.