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I'm having two issues I'd like to report.

The first is that there are very few anomalies available in Delta Volanis. I've tried multiple instances, all have a very low respawn rate. I have found that trying to explore areas in which there are fewer players have a higher spawn rate, but it's still quite low.

Also, upon completing an away mission with a team, I loaded into Delta Volanis, then immediately disconnected. Now it takes forever to reconnect, and I DC as soon as sector space loads.

Anyone else having these issues?

UPDATE: I was able to log into another character and file a ticket. I then tried logging back into the character that was having the issue, at which time I immediately warped to the Sirius sector. That worked and I was able to move about the Sirius sector normally. Unfortunately, when I tried to re-enter Delta Volanis, I immediately disconnected. I believe warping out immediately is a short term solution. Everyone in Delta Volanis appears to be encountering this issue.

UPDATE 2: After the problem seemed to stop (was able to enter DV w/o being disconnected), I completed another mission, then was booted upon entering sector space. Now I am unable to log in at all (server is full).