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You know whats funny? Cryptic is hurrying now to order all this storage and memory to increase the capacity of the server to let more people to play without being disconnected... Do they actually understand that there is like thousands of people who play right now FOR FREE? Some of them will order the game very possible, but most of them will just go to another free open beta. It sounds like a waste of money to me. But then again its ok. I'd rather play STO with some reserve resources to have controls change from ground to space instantly and game without disconnects, than fall through the space and then fly back up... Space damages me for 32 points. Funny...

But then again I want to play now. So basically Cryptic just realized that game has become unexpected popularity. I bet quite a few SWG veterans playing it too right now and sorta similar feel to the game like SWG plus fun space combat probably added some few thousands more beta testers .

Its like if someone is holding a party and they have 10 chairs so they invited 7 friends and told them to bring maybe couple more friends along. But party ended up to be really cool, so Cryptic is running around buying more chairs now .