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01-21-2010, 04:42 PM
Originally Posted by Wheresmydanish View Post
I've previously posted this in the Serious/Show stoppers Forum but so far it's been ignored.

My character has been completely corrupted and is unplayable. If this bug makes it to launch it could create some very frustrating situations from losing all your time/work.

Here's the bug as previously posted:


Ticket number #437798
Character name: Tek Jansen@Wheresmydanish

My character appears to have become corrupted. I now spawn in ground instances as my ship every time. When pressing "U" to bring up my character sheet it has my captain registered as a second active ship, complete with unusual stats and no access to my skills trees. Also, I have lost all space abilities (Evasive manoeuvres , attack pattern alpha).

In summary: I can't do anything on the ground, I have lost my effectiveness in space, and I can't skill up or customise anything about my character.

UI screenshots:

Character status window

Character skills window

Ship status window

"Select your ship" window

Thank you!
I have the exact same problem. I submitted a ticket three days ago and got a form letter in response today. So basically I believe we're boned on this one.

EDIT: Those screenshot links are broken, may want to repost them.