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Originally Posted by angrytarg View Post
I cannot proof what I'm about to say as it's a thing of the past, but I think if I remember correctly the reason for those pets not getting the Hangar UI was that hangar pets are supposed to be superior and seperation pets are only supposed to be a gimmick as you have to pay/work for the first or something like that.
I can... almost sorta see that argument for the Galaxy and Odyssey saucers. Truth be told - and this is missed by like half the people who complain about the fact that the option even exists - the bonus of saucer separation was already explained on the show itself, and carries over to STO. The point is to get RID of the saucer. The fact that it hangs around is a bonus (usually, sometimes a disadvantage).

However, the Aquarius and MVAE units... no. The Aquarius is weak enough as-is, and is supposed to act like a tougher fighter - go out and engage threats in a firepower-licious fashion ahead of the main mothership, which it is arguably there to protect. As-is, it's a gnat that, when it actually does enough to get noticed, gets swatted and accordingly fares as well as a gnat does against a person's hand, except without any of the gnat's knack for survival.

The MVAE, the entire point is 3-vs-1 combat. That said, I have had a lot more luck with the MVAE than any of the other separation craft (and I own all of the Federation ones, as far as I know, except for the Fleet MVAE). That said, I think the AI on the MVAE is somehow superior to that of the other units, though it still needs improvement.

Note I do not agree that the separable pets should not have controls, merely that I can understand the arguments for the saucers.