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03-19-2014, 04:17 PM
Originally Posted by doomfrost View Post
Can't trust AI to use it appropriately.
Which sums this whole thread up in one sentence. The AI behavior of the separated part is unpredictable, it's role is only supportive under ideal circumstances and if we can't control it, it should always default to a supportive role rather than it's current "seek death quickly" mode. Sure it all looks great if you're running fraps making videos for YouTube, but actual usefulness in game play is considerably less spectacular.
I'm not in favor of losing boffs to the separated parts, that would involve sacrificing critical bridge officer powers and buffs to what would still be AI controlled ships even if we had a marginal carrier/away team type control interface. Spreading those powers over multiple parts would be complicated to manage and I've no doubt too complicated for developers to implement properly without a lot of work.
We're trying to get them to extend an already existing game asset, carrier commands, to separated parts, the amount of development time and effort required would be considerably less than that required to invent a whole new system for separated parts involving Boff assignments.
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