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I can... almost sorta see that argument for the Galaxy and Odyssey saucers. Truth be told - and this is missed by like half the people who complain about the fact that the option even exists - the bonus of saucer separation was already explained on the show itself, and carries over to STO. The point is to get RID of the saucer. The fact that it hangs around is a bonus (usually, sometimes a disadvantage).
While I would concede your point on both the Oddy and the Galaxy-R, that argument is less convincing for the Galaxy-X. Yes, for the Galaxy-R, the families are suppose to evac to the Saucer and get out of Dodge. For the Galaxy-X, however, families would NOT be aboard as it is a BATTLESHIP. While the Galaxy-R would have luxurious accommodations for families, the Galaxy-X would have Spartan accommodations. They are likely bunkrooms much like on Navy ships today; 16 inches, and hot bunking (one guy gets into bed as soon as the other gets out). Therefore, the saucer WOULD be a combat component much like the MVAM of the Prommy. If not, what is the point of separation?

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