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03-21-2014, 09:27 AM
I've routine gotten about 24,000 on a crit for the Provide Shore Leave to Dyson blah mission. I'm not sure if it's working as intended or not, but it functioned the same way for both my Fed character, whose commendations are mostly maxxed out and my Romulan, who was sitting at about 80,000 Development experience before the critical and reached tier 4 on that mission alone.

And I've found recruitment and trading to be the 2 that have taken the longest to reach tier 4. Everything else has been tier 4 for quite some time and I'm just now going over 90,000 experience in those 2. I suppose recruitment could be relatively easy, but it requires the player to spend a lot of time engaging in behavior that is outside the norm for running doff missions and gaining doff experience such as doing what is suggested above.

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