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01-21-2010, 08:09 PM
Originally Posted by AlexisMachine
Ok, now cryptic is telling me how to build my rig. I have a coolermaster stacker case, nvidia edition. 4 120s in the side, one 120 on the top, 120s in front and back, zalman cpu cooler on phenom X4 955. 6 gigs mushkin ram and 2 8800GTX's. I can play any other game I choose maxed without my rig sounding like a 747 at the airport rdy to take off, and your telling us that our rigs are dirty or we need more fans? Fix your ****ing coding.
no *****

I have dual 80mm fans on my vid card a heat sink larger then a volkswagon with dual 80mm fans a hard drive fan and four case fans.

I dont think I can get any more cool are in the dam thing unless I put it in the frige. The ungodly amound of noise this thing gives off if so I never have to deal with BS like this.

Dont tell me how to build my rig, it runs @ 100% and never gets over 58c will being OC 17% with the vid OC @20 over and never hit more then 50c. I ran this game flat out for 16 hours last week and ever sinse 1/20 I cant even play for more then 20 minutes. YEA ITS MY PC