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01-21-2010, 09:41 PM
In your box, on the motherboard, is a watch battery. This is called the CMOS battery. It's what saves your system settings, such as date and time, when your computer is unplugged.

Sometimes, when computers shut themselves down due to overheating(unless you're an advanced user able to shut off the safeties on your computer, it's literally impossible to damage your comp with heat... since it auto-shuts off), they wont turn back on properly.

Pulling the CMOS battery(while your comp is unplugged, otherwise it wont do a damned thing) will reset your system settings to default, hopefully allowing your computer to turn on again.

While you're in the case, I'd also work on taking an air duster to the insides. if you've had your comp awhile, and never cleaned it out, it's probably caked with dust, which insulates heat. Concentrate on your fans, and heat sinks.

Hopefully this helps. Oh, and as always, whenever working on your comp, make sure you are working on tiled or hardwood flooring, not carpeting, and touch the outside casing of your comp before messing with any inside parts before hand to disperse your static electricity.