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01-21-2010, 10:27 PM
My System Stats

My Case

Phenom II 955 at 3.5ghz with stock voltage, can take 24 hour prime no problems, cooled with a Zalman 9700
Sapphire Radeon 5850 stock
8gigs ram
SIX hard drives, totaling 5TB of space

I played STO yesterday with every option cranked to the max. Bloom, AAx8, AFx15, 1920x1200 res, post processing on, everything

The highest my videocard got was 70C, in a 80F room. Videocard highest it recorded in use was 90% activation, I pushed it as hard as I could, fan went up to 28%

My CPU was at 35C after a hour of playing, fanspeed was recorded at 1800RPM

My CPU idles at 29C and fan at 1400RPM, my GPU idles at 53C and 24% fan speed

The highest I have stressed my system was Prime + Furmark, which pushed CPU up to 40C, and GPU up to 76C, recorded 370watts drawn from the wall

Furmark alone draws 270watts from the wall, Crysis draws 350 watts from the wall, Mass Effect draws 330watts from the wall

The highest I have seen, to date recorded on my UPS was 267watts drawn from the wall on a ground mission, which means my computer baring the 85% effecency of my PSU is only taking 227watts to power my system

This game is peanuts to run, this game works my system very little, WoW worked my system harder then this game, pulling 290watts from the wall in cities etc

This game CANNOT work your card harder then furmark will

To those saying your systems are "fine" no they arn't

Also to those with aftermarket coolers, those aftermarket jobs may be fantastic for keeping the GPU cool, but your voltage phase modulators are MASSIVELY undercooled with aftermarket jobs, if your System keeps rebooting and your GPU and CPU is cool and you got a aftermarket cooling solution for your videocard, get a program like Everest and monitor the heat coming from your voltage modulators, I bet they are easily heading up to 100C+ with aftermarket jobs