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01-22-2010, 05:01 AM
Originally Posted by JToney3449 View Post
hate to tell some of you guys but if most of our rigs are only dieing on this game then guess what, it aint our cooling. Clean out my case is the best they can say? really?

No game i have ever played has made my 8800gtx go to the temps it has in STO, the /maxfps cap helped but now after todays patch after protracted periods it will overheat again aka like 4 hours of game time.

Ive built my own pc's for over 8 years now, i have 0 cooling issues with this case, card, ram and proccessor, till now. They need to fix this issue before the game goes live you cant simply say oh its our fault for X reason or for XX reason.

And no GPUs are not meant to run at 100% for the entire length of a game, they are ment to be able to go up to 100% to handle sudden graphic intense times then back to a stable temp. If a car runs in the red line for to long guess what it blows the motor no diff with this.

Im not even running 100% settings just nice decent settings as the game looks great without having to go to max that says something. And anyone who says we that are having this issue are just lazy criers with bad cooling.... think what itd be like to have this issue in only 1 game ever with nothing else coming close to these temps.
I'm running the game right now at a GPU core temp of 58c on a very overclocked GTX 260. In your own words.. that says something.