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01-22-2010, 05:22 AM
I've got a Intel Q9550 as processor running at its default speed 2.83ghz, 4GB of Ram Corsair at 1333, a very nice Antec PSU and my Graphic card is a Asus GTX 280 (The first version).

My previous computer had a GeForce 7800gs. I never had overheating problem with it, even if the case was not for gaming solution. The thing is the 7800gs doesn't produce the same heat than the GTX280. Not at all.

The case I have with this new computer is nice, has medium to good airflow but again it's not really for gaming. 4 games cause the failsafe mode to kick-in on my GPU: Lords of the ring Online (Which it never did on my other computer), Call of Duty modern Warfare 2, Star Trek Online and Dragon Ages origins. What ? dragon Ages Origins ? I saw Temp with CODMW2 going up to 135 C for MCP and 90 C for the GPU. Before starting each one of these game I set the GPU fan to 100% in the NVidia Control Panel (With the Performance/System Monitoring TOol Add-ins installed). Even with that CODMW2 and STO cause the GPU failafe to kick-in. So just before Christmas I bought a 15$ solution at Wal-Mart. A small floor cooling fan. On this computer and even my previous one, the panel is never close, so I just put the cooling fan near the opened panel and blow air at low speed, not even medium or high and my GPU never goes beyond 65C and the MCP stays at 105 C. Cool solution.

Here's the thing, physics law can't be changed. The amount of air that is pulled or pushed into your case must at least be the same goes out. And there must always a constant flow of air in your case. Blowing air (ambient temp) in an opened case at a certain angle so the air is not always pushed back into the case is a simple and enough solution.

Yes it's true some coding might be needed, yeah like giving an option to set the AA to 16x but in fact behind the scene the game set it to 4x so the GPU computes less and produce less heat, but as someone said in some previous reply, this is the PC world, the best rig last only a few days. There a thousands CPU/RAM/GPU/Motherboard solution out there it would take many years to code something so everyone is happy at a certain point of time and at that time that hardware would be obsolete. If you want to play games that never overheat a system and on which the hardware never change sfor years, then go with a console and stop whinning about your PC.

I've never whinned about a game causing problem on any of my PCs, what I do is I look for solution on my own.