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03-22-2014, 10:53 PM
Aux power still modifies hangar time.

The "normalization" you are referring to had nothing to do with recharge times, it was the animation timing for pet deployment. The Vesta used to have a special animation that launched their fighters slower then other ships, and there was one ship that launched faster (which ones escapes me)

They then "normalized" all launch functions to deploy at the same rate. Aux power still reduces recharge times. Flight Deck Officers still reduce recharge times.

And I must agree, frigates are a bit over rated. Scorps routinely out-perform them in PvE. Yellowstones or Interceptors/siphon drones in PvP. Mesh Weavers are an exception when handled well. BoP's have nasty burst potential but require obsessive micro management for questionable returns. Fer'Jai are fun as hell, but typically not high performers. Frigates add a level of gameplay mechanic that is certainly fun to interact with, but statistically, missing frigates doesn't really put a carrier behind others.

That said, I miss my frigates. They are a ton of fun, even if their performance is spotty.

Edit: Oh, for the OP, Scorps for PvE, Yellowstones for PvP. Jury is out on swarmers, I do not have the elites yet, but I was not impressed with the advanced.
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