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01-22-2010, 06:44 AM
unbelieveable only on a game forum could people be viewed as whiners etc when they are beta testing something and report a problem. and if you expect everyone to find their own solution/workaround to this issue id like to remind you most of us dont have the money to go build a new pc every time crap like this happens thats why the game company should do their best to resolve the issue at its CORE!

Telling people to dust out our cases isnt a solution there are far to many people with this problem to simply be bad cooling for god sake. If your not going to help come up with a reasonable fix people just dont post let the people with issues actually post and get read by devs. Devs dont want to read 21 pages of trolling unuseful junk.

If you pay for a product it should work, when did things turn into oh ill just patch it down the line slap a bandaid on it in the mean time.