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01-22-2010, 07:09 AM
Originally Posted by JToney3449 View Post
unbelieveable only on a game forum could people be viewed as whiners etc when they are beta testing something and report a problem. and if you expect everyone to find their own solution/workaround to this issue id like to remind you most of us dont have the money to go build a new pc every time crap like this happens thats why the game company should do their best to resolve the issue at its CORE!

Telling people to dust out our cases isnt a solution there are far to many people with this problem to simply be bad cooling for god sake. If your not going to help come up with a reasonable fix people just dont post let the people with issues actually post and get read by devs. Devs dont want to read 21 pages of trolling unuseful junk.

If you pay for a product it should work, when did things turn into oh ill just patch it down the line slap a bandaid on it in the mean time.
So by your argument, developers should never write code that exceeds the performance standard of the weakest PC on the market? How is it Cryptics fault that people can't maintenance their stuff properly or see to their cooling solution? This is a beta test of Cryptics game, not a beta test of your machine and it's capabilities. Your machine isn't Cryptics problem and as good as this game looks its amazing that it has such low requirements.

I love how you claim to state a fact based on arbitrary numbers. "far too many people". Not exactly quantified is it? We think there are roughly 50-55 thousand people in Beta. I don't see a thread about overheating with tens of thousands of unique posts. I think you're blowing it out of perspective. It's a small group of people who's machines are under-cooled. Whatever the reason is. Poor maintenance, old equipment, inferior product design.. take your pick. Not going to help come up with a reasonable fix? How reasonable is it to suggest that you take care of your own stuff?

This is like someone buying a used car with no warranty, not checking the coolant, and going to the dealer and telling them it's their fault and they need to come up with a fix when it overheats. Quit trying to blame everyone else and put it where it squarely belongs. On your own shoulders. Your system is your responsibility. Do what you have to do to make it cool or buy/build a comp that can keep up. Hardware is getting much faster these days and as such, it builds more heat. Developers are taking advantage of the capabilities of the hardware and programming accordingly. If you can't keep up then maybe you should stick to Xbox..