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01-22-2010, 07:45 AM
Originally Posted by Dawlish
Listen Mr "I know everything about graphics cards". Read the thread. You have multiple people who can happily run extremely graphic intensive games without issue, suddenly running Star Trek online and finding their core temperatures running up to 80 degrees centigrade and above. That isn't a coincidence, that's a problem. Now, for my part I'm going to record my current game settings and take my DxDiag and submit it to cryptic. Hopefully this will help solve the problem. Whoop de do if your graphics card is working hunkie dory. Great, good for you. Maybe its card specific? Maybe there's corrupted code in some of the patch downloads? Maybe there's a graphics setting that isn't working as intended that you don't have enabled or have at a different setting? Hey, maybe there's some bad code somewhere! Newsflash, not everyone has the same hardware! So kindly bugger off back under your bridge.
Wrong assumption. I'm running everything on max with no FPS cap. As I had to state to someone else, it doesn't matter what makes you overheat. Overheat is overheat and the only way to fix it is to cool it. You're right, something is wrong but it's not Cryptic and I know that from a personal and professional standpoint. So unless you also have 20 years of working on microsoft based systems as I do then perhaps you should do the buggering chief.

I don't care how many people insult me. This is ridiculous and I'll keep fighting it.