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01-22-2010, 07:45 AM
Originally Posted by Dawlish
I don't understand what is causing this. From what I've seen, its only Star Trek Online that causes this issue. I clean my fans regularly as part of routine PC maintainance and my cooling, while not rediculous, is perfectly sufficient for a vanilla GPU with no overclocking. No game has pushed my temperatures over 70C aside from Star Trek online. Sorry boys, that's poor graphics programming, not my computer. Somebody probably forgot to end a loop :p
There is no mystical program which melts PC's, poor cooling and dust melts PC's, not programs

STO will not work your videocard out more then say UT3, or Furmark etc, its just impossible. Your videocard has a performance maximum it can hit, after it hits that point, it can go no farther. It doesn't keep going faster and faster, once its reached its performance threshold, it goes no higher

You are dropping hints that STO is SOMEHOW causing your videocard/CPU to overheat through some execution or loop of code which is SOMEHOW making your videocard/CPU work SO hard they shut down

CPU/GPU's are DESIGNED to run with 100% performance, 24/7, for YEARS, not hours. They don't JUST overheat and shut down unless there is a cooling or fan problem.

There is no, repeat, no piece of programming in the world that can make a CPU/GPU run "Out of control" as they say and go faster and faster till they melt down. Its impossible, they have a performance threshold, once they reach a point, they can't go any faster, OR run any hotter

The ONLY reason for a GPU/CPU to be nearing meltdown is:

A) A HOT room, and I am talking a 100F room
B) Inadequate cooling, there is either not enough fans moving air, or you have a cooler mounted improperly, or a poorly ventilated case
C) Dust, it has clogged all your fan intakes/exhusts and is reducing performance

And for those of you with sudden shutdowns with low temperatures:
D: Your power supply is either old, worn out or is not enough to run your system full tilt


There is NO way this game is capable of MELTING DOWN a CPU/GPU, because its physically impossible, a 3GHZ CPU will run as fast as it can, but once it hits its limit of data processing, it CAN'T go any higher, It levels out and sits there until you stop using it at full power

Those of you screaming etc that this game is frying your computers, are either lieing and saying your computer has enough cooling/dust free, or have -NEVER- run a computer as hard as with STO

STO runs my system harder then L4D2 does, it runs it harder then TF2 does, it runs it harder then UT2K4 does

It does NOT run my CPU harder then WoW does

It does NOT run my CPU/GPU combo harder then Crysis Warhead, UT3, Mass Effect, Red Faction G

Again, there is no single piece of machine code in exsistence which can power a GPU/CPU out of control into oblivion.

To ALL of you saying your "PC is fine" and "Can handle the game" try loading up Prime95 and Furmark togeather, if your computer shuts down in less then 10 minutes, YOU HAVE SOME SEARCHING TO DO FOR THE CAUSE, cause all Prime does is stress CPU to 100%, and all furmark does is stress GPU to 100%, and if your computer can't handle both, let alone either one by itself, its time to look at your system MORE closely