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01-22-2010, 08:03 AM
Originally Posted by AlphaOmega76 View Post
Thankyou for everyones suggestions at Cryptic and on the boards. I have now run Futuremark ( 3D Mark Vantage) , Priime95, and OCCT. none of these programs caused the issue that STO does for me. I now too believe this is a code error. II got OCCT to run my GPU at 127c for an hour without issue. I was still running other programss while doing so. I have notice I always crash at a loading screen or at the choose your character screen.
I have also been tracking the temps while running STO and my sensors never read over 86c, that is alot less than 127c. I've also checked connections internally and even check my surge protector and wall sockets to see if it was a power issue. (yes I happen to be an electrician). I am running 1000 watt PSU, no issues there I can find. I am still at a loss for what this issue is, I cannot find anything on my side to cause the problem.

Crashing happens, it happens with buggy code etc. Post Processing for me on ground missions was causing never ending crashes for me till this current patch

People here are talking about their CPU/GPU's overheating and dieing/shutting down etc, not the game crashing

Your system is stable, but to note, 127C is fatal to any CPU/GPU, you should not go any higher then 70C with a i7, 60C with a Phenom II/Athlon II, and higher then 90C with a videocard. If Furmark/Prime is running something at 127C, you REALLY have to cool your CPU/GPU better, cause thats just insane

If its your GPU with Furmark running up to 127C, get a program like Rivatuner and turn your fans up to max, but videocards are designed by default to turn fan to 100% once they pass 90C