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Since i played first time it's been the same. If I'm in a ground mission for more than 10 minutes my computer will crash. Sometimes it's at 10 minutes exactly sometimes it can take up to 15 but it never happens before 10 minutes.

This is with all the newest drivers and a completely spyware/virus-free machine. Also none of the temperature readings in my machine is even close to critical. I can find absolutely no reason for these crashes.

There's not even any lag or stuttering to suggest my computer have issues handling the game. It runs perfectly smooth at max setting until, ten minutes in, it goes "BRBRBRBRBRBRBRBRBRBRBRBRBRBRBRBR" and my machine reboots.

Really takes a lot of fun out of the game to be guaranteed at least 1 game crash every time I'm beamed to a ground mission (never happens in earth dock).

Anyone have the same problem and found a reason for it? I'm fresh out of ideas.