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01-22-2010, 02:25 PM
Originally Posted by Treel View Post
HI doh123

Thanks for this one and for your answer on the other thread.

I downloaded the link and followed your steps.
1. i must set up the exe
2. the login screen in IE is weird
3. the game started in fullscreen but the view was only on the left top corner i think 1024x768px
4. no sound
5. the font is strange i have tested crossover games the font there was ok
6. nothing at this time more while the server is down i came only to the character selection.

my mac is mac book pro 17" , 3.06GHz CPU, 8 GB RAM, MAC OS X 10.6.2

yes... see the thing I wrote about resolution changing. Xquartz doesn't support proper RANDR so the game tells Wine to change resolutions, and Wine tells Xquartz, and Xquartz says "huh wha?" and doesn't do anything.

Make sure your in game resolution setting is the same as the resolution setting, and it will take up the whole screen. if you run STO in 1024x768, set Screen options to be fullscreen 1024x768, and it'll change the resolution right when it launches... if you change it in game again later, you have to log out and change it again.... its a PITA, but its all I got right now with Xquartz limitations.

the IE screen is messed up looking i know.. but it does work.... i can get it better looking using Winegecko, but the launching button and patching doesn't work right.

I'll try the fix for sound when I can

The fonts in the log in i can fix, thats just font smoothing disabled.... its the in game fonts I'm mainly worried about that are ugly.