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03-27-2014, 05:07 PM
Originally Posted by vermatrix View Post

As far as the new look for ESD it's decent enough but did ESD really need to be changed? couldn't the time and resources have been better spent fixing glitchs that have been around forever or improving something else that could use the work more?
Oh, I'm sorry, you must be confusing Cryptic with one of those other companies that actually has a work ethic that goes beyond simply fleecing people for their next paycheck. You know, those companies that actually care about the product they slap their tags on.

Seriously, Cryptic no longer has the talent, or the coding prowess to effectively, handle the glitches you're referring to. The game's code is a patchwork, Frankenstein's monster, of a mess, and any All Stars capable of making sense of it, have long since departed Cryptic's hallowed halls for better gigs. That's why it's easier to just lie, and say something is fixed, and treat the players like they have excrement on their hands, if they have the audacity to say it's not.
This all happened... more, or less.