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01-22-2010, 04:45 PM
ok.. thanks to someone else who found out the way to fix the sound bug in Wine....

I now have a version with working sound!!

it still has the graphics bug that happens in some places, that ones gonna take longer to figure out... just remember it happens the most in sector space... opening closing windows (inventory or whatever) can help.... and I know the fonts are still ugly.

I'll update the link in the main post to show all the versions I make

I need to know if there is a LONG start up time, at least the first time... apparently there might be font config issues and WIne is having to index fonts... which makes initial start up really slow.

but Alpha 2 is up, same as alpha 1 but has working sound.

oh and for a tip.. for normal fullscreen, if you want to multitask easy, the easiest way is to Hide the game with CMD+H .. then clicking on it in the dock will get it back.