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# 10 Wow.
01-22-2010, 06:48 PM
You are to be commended. This really works very very well. I was impressed.

I have a new Macbook Pro unibody, and everything works. I even tweaked it to allow sound.

I'm a huge world of ******** player. To say that I was disappointed in Cryptic's lame managerial decision to exclude Macs is an understatement.

My name is John, and for several years I worked at Zimbra and then Yahoo.. so I understand technology pretty well. I also know what reasons are real, and which ones are dumb excuses that hold no water when investigated.

For several years, we didn't support CentOS officially because of various (stupid) reasons solely made by managers.

Cryptic's exclusion of the Mac community is disappointing. I hate when companies just don't get it...and they don't. They just don't get it. And that will probably cost them dearly.

You have single handedly given me hope that perhaps this will work.

If Cryptic's offices are anything like the rest of the world, most employees are probably awesome and really are mac fans. It's the managers that don't get it.

As far as issues, I had only one: The ghosting issue while in space. Otherwise, it performed WAY better than VMWare fusion (which ironically now owns Zimbra).

Controls, sound, video, speed were all very acceptable.

Great work!!

john h