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01-22-2010, 07:28 PM
Originally Posted by Viper358 View Post
I think I know what I was doing wrong, moving the install locating of the file. After the installer finished I used your other directions to put the Cryptic Studios folder into Star Trek and setting the correct .exe for the wrapper. When I reopened the the app it launched the STO launcher, this time it patched up to 1GB of 10GB and closed, though that might be because I selected "No" to the script errors since "Yes" didn't work out well before.

I might try again tonight but if it keeps giving me problems I think I'll just wait till down the road if STO is a success and they make an official port.
I also haven't run from a full install yet... last time I full installed it was back when it failed a lot.. I found a fix, but never used that install, i copied over my main install, but theoretically it will still work fine to install.

I will mess with it more, and hopefully get more feedback from others who try.. but I do recall it all of a sudden closing on me during patching a few times.... but it'll pick back up where it left off. Looking at the logs it seemed the program just had a time out and closed, and the error wasn't on my side of things... but not 100% sure.