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03-30-2014, 12:43 PM
Warp Core explanation:
The [AMP] modifier is found on some (half?) of the elite cores and gives you a bonus of +3.5% damage for each system above 75 power. Therefore everyone should be able to get +14% from all systems being above 75. The one I posted in your build is an actual setup you can buy, not just random modifiers that I thought would work well, just go check them out at your local dil mine.

The leech works when you activate weapons, giving you bonus power to all systems per weapon activated. This number will slightly different for everyone as it DOES depend on things like flow caps, but it's safe to estimate you'll get around +2 or more. This +2 again is per activation, so if you're firing 7 weapons, that's +14 power in each system, or +56 total bonus power. The exact amount of power you'll get from each weapon will be displayed in the tool tip when you hover over a weapon in the weapon box. It's truly an amazing console, and in PvP there are so many people running it you almost have to run it just to offset other peoples leeches targeting you.

If you help setting this up for max continuous power with the leech, pm me in game and we can sort it out in no time at all.

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did someone call an ex-timelords reunion or something? o.o
Ha, even more so since it was another former-TL that pointed this thread out to me.

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Post that awarded me a ban, how was this trolling?