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03-30-2014, 01:14 PM
Originally Posted by captainpirko View Post

you never browse the forums

but anyway that warp core thing is very interesting. with me staying above 75 easily, that does sound like a good warpcore for me. i'll try it out sometime.

since i dont PVP much anymore, plasmonic leech probably wont be used much. but sorry lib, i think i'll keep it for now =P
do you know if nadion inversion cancels the drain from plasmonic leech? i'd expect so, but i wanted to be sure.

also back to the guramba, i was thinking it over, and would it be better to do antiproton with the crtH setup, or would it be better to go disruptor and make my javelin more powerful?
Who's Lib? You'd sure about the leech? I believe there's another power outage coming?...

I doubt if the nadion inversion cancels the drain, but as Dez said, you will be vulnerable against proton vapers. And tbh, a leech works VERY well if you've built a ship around it...

STF's have never been so easy with my latest build (even when used without rep or doffs (<= lazy)).
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