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03-30-2014, 01:43 PM
Reading the forums is meaningless, as it's usually focused on the latest slight and nerd rage discussion of the day.

You have to look at the history of the game.

There was a time when bops ruled the day. Battlecloak gave them a ridiculous advantage.

There was a day when a Bop could drop a gate-destroying 1-shot with mines. It literally changed the way we played.

Then came the advent of the Bug and there was a ship Feds could get that was superior.

Next came the Nausicaan Guramba Siege and Vandal destroyers. They were the next 'best' things for the a variety of reasons. Plasmotic leech? Hello NURSE!

Don't even get me started on the Karfi.

Klingons had the best of everything.

Then the game became 'escorts on line'.

It was during this phase we started to see ships with Elite Fleet weapons. Hands down the Klingons had THE BEST WEAPONS IN THE GAME.

Things change over time. Now it's FAW and APB spam. A2B or die. (Or FACE MY SCIMI while I rack up damage against targets that can't be damaged for my 60K scimi - but I digress).

Very shortly another change will shake our current views on the game. XIII weapons are coming, as is LvL60.

So my advice to you new kids is pretty simple. Adapt and get used to change.


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